Ease the pressure of moving home

Blinc understand that the cost of moving is high enough without having to find the extra money for a security deposit which will be tied up for as long as you live in the property and could be used in much more productive ways.

With this in mind you can now take out a Blinc DRS (Deposit Replacement Scheme) which will allow you to offset any possible dilapidation costs until the end of the tenancy, leaving you free to put the money that would have been tied up in a traditional deposit to better use. Maybe a new sofa or even a holiday! 


Savings based on our standard 8 week Deposit Replacement

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What you need to know ...

  • The cost of the Blinc DRS is the equivalent of 1 weeks rent on your new rental property
  • We will guarantee an amount to your Landlord or Letting agent of 8 or 12 weeks rent equivalent
  • You will be liable to repay Blinc the amount agreed by you, or an independent adjudicator (HF Resolutions Ltd) in the case of a dispute up to the value of the DRS, within 5 working days.
  • You may be liable for further costs for damages, cleaning or unpaid rent as per the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement
  • You should ensure that you have provisions to make this payment at the end of the tenancy
  • The DRS is for the life time of the tenancy, which is the period of time the same tenants remain in constant occupancy of the same property
  • An annual administration fee of £30.00 is payable to Blinc.
  • Increased 12 week option available.
  • Full Terms and Conditions are available on request and you will be required to agree to these during the purchase process. You must ensure you read and fully understand these terms
  • Please be aware that the Blinc Deposit Replacement Scheme is not an Insurance product and you will remain fully liable for all damage, cleaning costs and unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy

Any Questions?

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