Higher Level of Protection than a traditional deposit

From the 1st June 2019 security deposits will be capped at 5 weeks rent, which in our opinion is not sufficient. 5 Weeks rent would leave you very short if the tenant were to not pay their last months rent and also leave the property in an unclean and damaged condition, with a Blinc DRS you get 8 weeks rental value as standard and can increase this to 12 weeks at your discretion

Quicker Move In, Shorter Voids

The move in process will be faster as the tenant will not need to find a large deposit on top of their move in costs and this means your property will be available to a larger audience as it will become more affordable, which will reduce void periods

Achieve the highest rent possible

You will be getting the best possible opportunity of getting the highest rent possible by making the rest of the moving process more affordable for the tenant. 

Improved end of tenancy process

As Blinc will be dealing with the payments to yourself, once an agreement has been reached with dilapidations you will receive your money faster. 

3rd Party adjudication

As with a current standard security deposit if an agreement cannot be reached between the tenant and yourself the case will be sent to a 3rd party adjudication and their decision will be final and payments will be made from Blinc to yourself on receipt of this decision. 

Tenancy lifetime DRS for landlords

Unlike some other products in the market Blinc will have an agreement with you for the lifetime of the tenancy and will not rely on a tenant keeping up periodic payments. 

Payments for dilapidations and unpaid rent

Blinc DRS will not only pay for dilapidations and cleaning required up to the contracted amount but also unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy. 

Our Guarantee has been insured

The Blinc DRS is a guarantee, not an insurance product, however Blinc purchase an insurance policy for each DRS where the the insurer has a Standard & Poor’s A+ rating. This insurance is fully regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and covered by the FSCS, so Blinc are able to look to the FSCS if the insurer were to fail. The Landlord and Letting Agent are also added to the insurance as a beneficiary, meaning you can claim directly from the insurer if Blinc are not available.

Any Questions?

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