A Stand Alone Deposit Replacement Service

The Blinc Deposit Replacement Scheme has been designed to provide benefits to all parties involved, providing huge upfront cost savings to your tenants, making your landlords property more attractive and provide a strong revenue stream for your business. 

The Blinc DRS is a stand alone product offered by Blinc-UK and does not need to be integrated with our tenant referencing service, meaning you can start earning additional income today without changing any aspects of your current letting process. 

Some benefits of the scheme ...

  • Tenants can replace the usual monetary deposit with a our standard 8 week DRS or you can request an increased 12 week option
  • rent arrears paid up to the value of the DRS
  • Blinc will enter into a separate agreement with the Letting Agent/Landlord, for the lifetime of the tenancy
  • Third party adjudication provided by HF Resolutions in line with the current process
  • Easier end of tenancy process with the assistance of Blinc
  • Commissions available for Letting Agents
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Any Questions?

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